The Series of HKY(How to know yourself)

4 min readOct 4, 2023

Actually, this series of writings that I started just for the sake of writing has now become satisfying to see new faces following it every day. Therefore, I want to thank everyone who occasionally stops by and takes a look.

I usually write my pieces in one go and don’t edit them. As a result, I’ve noticed not only many grammatical errors but also that the content has become somewhat mechanical. Since there are readers now, my goal from now on will be to engage the reader a bit more, to make them find pieces of themselves within the questions.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez 🇨🇦 on Unsplash

So, why do I write?

In my high school years, I didn’t like literature at all. The long essays I wrote by force didn’t have any meaning for me anyway. Looking at it from my perspective, it was killing my desire to conform to rules. Aside from a theater script I wrote with friends in elementary school, a magazine we sold to make some pizza money, and a small theater script I contributed to in high school, I had no connection with writing.

I started writing again during my university years, thanks to Facebook. Besides engaging in one-on-one arguments, I was writing about my thoughts and feelings on the things I researched. It was the desire to write that fascinated me. The fact that it was reciprocal fueled my desire to write even more. Despite being occasional, this practice I’ve been doing for years was improving my writing skills and readability. What was always lacking was technique.

I started writing again during my master’s degree, this time as a therapy. The depression I experienced when I entered a brand new country, a brand new world, brought my desire to write back. I was reading a lot during those years. In fact, reading is a big part of writing. Besides stories I never shared with anyone, I wrote articles, opinion pieces, and political writings that I shared with many people. Technique was still lacking, but the content was intriguing. I even received a job offer from a magazine. I didn’t accept it because my dreams were different. I dreamt of a career in engineering and science. My priority was my master’s degree. After that, I either stopped writing or wrote in my journal very rarely. Sometimes, I shared something on my blog.




I am no one and everyone who is sailing with own truths, hope and dreams